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Advanced Graphic Equalizer
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Advanced Graphic Equalizer

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What Is the ACD Advanced Equalizer ?

The ACD Advanced Equalizer is a professional, real-time, stand-alone, 15 band graphic equalizer product that does not require a host sound editing facility. The ACD Advanced Equalizerhas its own, built-in, MP3 decoder engine. Fast Fourier Transformation (FFT) is used by the equalizer routines in the program.The longer the FFT, the more accurate a sound reproduction the equalizer produces. The length of the FFT can be varied with a slider. The ACD Advanced Equalizeroffers two spectrum analyzers, separately for left and right channels, and one central oscilloscope as a visual means of observing and controlling the workings of the system.

Why would one want to use such a device?

The ACD Advanced Equalizer™ can be used in with any CD Player. It offers the possibility of use with different input/output sources, making it the ultimate tool for enhancing desktop audio listening pleasure. The only additional software you need to operate the ACD Advanced Equalizeris a CD Player, such as the one provided as part of the Windows 95/98 or 2000 Operating Systems.

Other CD Players can also be used. A Half Duplex, or even better a Full Duplex Sound Card and a CD-ROM player is required.

Minimum System Requirements

To run this program, you need a system with Windows 95/98, equipped with an Intel Pentium 166MMX (or compatible, e.g. AMD K6) or higher performance processor with at least 16 megabytes of free memory and a Half-Duplex Sound Card. Your monitor should be set to 800x600 screen resolution.

Recommended System Requirements

To get the most out of this program, you need a system with Windows 95/98, equipped with an Intel Pentium II (or compatible, e.g. AMD K6/2) / 266 MHz processors with 32 megabytes of free memory and a Full-Duplex Sound Card. Your monitor should be set to 800x600 screen resolution.

For Windows 95/98 only!

Only $ 6.50

Product ID-31321

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MP3 Gold Bundle
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(Advanced Equalizer plus MP3 Educator plus the CD-ROM/DVD Tester)

For Windows 95/98 only!

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