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ACD Audio Applications
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ACD Audio Applications

ACD started with the production of sophisticated audio applications back in 1998. These programs used to be pioneering in this field and, in many respects, they are still at the forefront.

Unfortunately, now the programs are only available for Windows 95 and 98, some still work on Windows XP, but there is no guarantee!

Parallels Mac Software

Advanced Graphic Equalizer

The ACD Advanced Equalizer is a professional, real-time, stand-alone, 15 band graphic equalizer product that does not require a host sound editing facility.

MP3 Normalizer and retagging Unit

The MP3 Educator is a useful tool when you collect MP3 files that might be recorded at different volume levels. The MP3 Educator, and MP3 Normalizer Utility, can help you normalize the MP3 files,which means that the volume of the MP3 files will be brought to the same peak level.


CD ROM and DVD Drive Benchmarek Tester

The CD Tester - CDDA Benchmark Program measures your CD-ROM, DVD-ROM and system performances while playing audio CD's through measuring Digital Audio Extraction (DAE). DAE is the method used to gather access to audio data in an audio disc. The faster and more problem-free your CD/DVD can read digital audio, the more reliable the program which makes use of DAE, will be.

Wondershare DVD Creator

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