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Mp3 Educator - (MP3 Normalizer Utility)
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MP3 Educator (Normalizer Utility)

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Mp3 Educator
v 1.1 (MP3 Normalizer)

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4 Star (out of 5)
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4 Star (out of 5)
(See a review in German - Deutsche Kritik)

The MP3 Educator is a useful tool when you collect MP3 files that might be recorded at different volume levels. The MP3 Educator, and MP3 Normalizer Utility, can help you normalize the MP3 files,which means that the volume of the MP3 files will be brought to the same peak level. Therefore, you will not need to constantly change the soundcard mixer settings or player's volume control when you want to listen to different MP3 files.

This MP3 Normalizer Utility can also help you rename the sound files, once they are re-encoded. Many people encode their MP3 files from CD, Tapes, LPs or other sources, using file names such as "Track01.mp3", "Track02.mp3", etc. If you have such files, and they have an ID3 tag that stores the album name, track title, performer etc., MP3 Educator can make use of the ID3 tag information and rename the files the way you want to name them. The criteriaes used for renaming the files can be found in the configuration dialog (file/preferences). The encoder engine is derived from Blade Encoder®, and was optimized to work with Pentium/K5, Pentium MMX, Pentium 2 and Pentium 3 processors! Please note, that using the wrong encoder might result in an irreversible deterioration of your audio data. The program may even crash if you use the wrong encoder!

The interface is self explanatory: Add some files or directories in the queue, press "process" and go for a walk, because the conversion will take some time. The program assumes you have enough disk space on the drive where the MP3 files which have to be processed, reside. So the file can be decompressed, normalized and then recompressed. Note that this process is very space consuming since the file needs to be decompressed, then the program gathers statistical information about the file, normalizes it, using a second temporary file, then recompresses it.

It will require aproximatively 20 times more disk space than the original MP3 file size (20 times considering a 1:10 compression factor). Of course, the space will be freed when the program has completed its work. The program is also very CPU utilization intensive It is unlikely that you can do anything else while the program is processing data. It makes extensive use of the system's hard drive, and if you do not have a fast drive (eg. with transfer rate of 7-10 mb/s) it will use all the IDE transfer bandwidth. If the drive is fast, it might not use all the bandwidth. But, as an example, on a system with a harddisk that can transfer up to 8MB/s (Quantum fireball 13GB/2MB Cache memory) it does work fast, if it is a single process operating under Windows®.

This Program will only work with Windows 95/98 and will not work on Windows ME. Some clients said, that it will work on Windows XP, but we cannot guarantee that!

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Product ID -30423

Yippee Shareware Review:
MP3 Educator is a solid, if somewhat slow MP3 normaliser and renamer. The interface is clean, simple and offers more features than it first appears. As well as several encoding modes for normalisation MP3 Educator can rename the files from the ID-Tags, remove ID-Tags and even resample the MP3 at a different quality. If you can put up with the rather slow progress (I recommend setting it running and then taking a vigourous walk) then this is a great way to homogonize your audio collection.
©Yippee Shareware Review

(Portuguese Text)

MP3 Educator 1.1

Organize, renomeie e normalize o volume dos seus MP3. Geralmente os arquivos MP3 são gravados em diferentes volumes, o que atrapalha na hora de escutar os seus sons e ter que regular o volume das músicas a toda hora. Este programa vai ajuda-lo a corrigir isso.

Roda em Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000

Informações para quem deseja registrar/comprar:
Este software é um Shareware que tem algumas funções limitadas ou prazo de expiração. Você pode opcionalmente deixar este software totalmente funcional adquirindo uma licença de US$13,50.
Clique aqui se você quer comprá-lo e receber a versão registrada, totalmente funcional ou sem prazo de expiração.


Tamanho: 1,08 mb
Categoria: Edição de áudio
Preço: US$ 8,50
Downloads: 12.150 (Apr 10 2011)

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