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Optimizers & Diagnostics Utilities for Registry Errors, Disk Cleaners and System Cleaners

Registry cleaning has become an important issue, when you are permanently on the Internet. There are many causes that corrupt your registry or fill up your temporary files and then slow down your computer. You might think, that there is something wrong with your computer, but most likely there is not. It just lacks maintenance in area where most users know little of: The Registry. It is a sort of GPS system that tells your computer, where things are or where they can be found on your system. It is also a place, where there are constant entries, about your recent activity on the system. And that is where your system, through your registry, gets corrupted.

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Below are a number of software packages that will help you to get things in order again. You will notice it immediately, when you have used one of these products and installed in on your machine. Your computer will be markedly faster!

Current Version: 5.8
File Size: 2.45M
Operating System: Windows NT/2000/2003/XP/Vista/7
Release Date: April 6, 2010

Download and Purchase here for one Year

Product ID

US$ 34.95

Download and Purchase here for Three Years

Product ID

US$ 44.90

Registry Victor

This is a top-ranking error-resolution registry cleaner which will fix the computer errors and optimize the system speed. In normal use, various annoying registry errors will gradually creep into your system, causing problems such as slow speed, crashing or freezing, blue screens, deadlock, error messages etc.

Some Key Features

Registry Optimizer
Performs an all-around scan of your Windows registry to detect and fix invalid references and incorrect errors, which also helps streamline your pc registry without expensive hardware upgrades. Your pc will perform like new and run much faster after using this tool.
Privacy Safeguard
Protects your privacy by ensuring all traces of your online Internet and computer activities are permanently erased and unrecoverable, which speeds up system performance and retrieves more hard drive space.
Junk File Remover
Scans and removes almost all junk files from system to provide more free space on your hard drive and allow applications to run faster and more efficiently. This tool will help to keep your system free of clutter and clean up all the unwanted data and information.
File Shredder
With three different shredding levels, file shredder will shred or destroy unwanted files beyond recovery. It completely removes a file or more files from your computer, making it nearly impossible to recover.
PC Optimizer
PC Optimizer Is an optimizer toolkit containing Startup Manager, Uninstall Manager, System Optimizer,Service Optimizer and Memory Optimizer. Besides monitoring the startup and un-install programs, it also optimizes network speed, disk, desktop, files, system service and Memory to peak performance.
IE Doctor
Contains a vast number of useful tips and tricks to manage Internet Explorer's windows when surfing on Internet. It customizes your Internet properties, restores Internet files and manages browser help objects which greatly streamlines your surfing experience.

The longer you own your computer, the more errors and invalid entries your registry is likely to have. This leads to decreased system performance and an unstable computing environment. Registry Victor™ will fix that!

Download and Purchase here for one Year

Product ID
Download and Purchase here for Three Years

Product ID

Internet Fax

This Program is for all Windows Versions: Windows 95 98, Windows Me, Windows 2000/2003 and Window's XP, 7.0

Download and Purchase here

Product ID

US$ 39.95

Registry Gear

Registry Gear is the next generation of Windows registry cleaning and optimization tool. Using a state of the art scan engine it can give you a complete diagnosis of Windows registry, remove invalid registry entries, references and links, identify and thoroughly repair the registry errors and conflicts. Registry Gear can also tweak and optimize Windows registry to improve the performance of your Windows system, speed up your computer to navigate and operate smoothly.

Some Key Features:

Scan & Fix
  • Invalid ActiveX, OLE, COM
  • Application Paths
  • Windows Fonts
  • Sound and AppEvents
  • Help and Resource
  • Shared DLLs
  • Startup Programs
  • Add/Remove Programs
  • File Extensions
  • Windows Start Menus
  • User Software Settings
  • Browser Helper Objects (BHO)
  • History Lists
  • Shortcut Files
  • Windows Firewall Programs
  • Virtual Devices and Services
  • Empty Registry Keys
  • IE Context Menu
  • IE Toolbar Buttons
  • Invalid Files Paths
Defrag & Optimize
Registry Gear can perform physical defragmentation for Windows registry file. After the defragmentation, Windows registry will acquire a linear structure which will reduce application response time and registry access time.
Backup, Restore & More
Registry Gear uses a special algorithm to backup your Windows registry before you do any cleaning actions. You can restore them any time. With Registry Gear you can schedule your cleaning tasks to take place automatically, allowing you to enjoy complete peace of mind

This Program is for all Windows Versions: Windows 95 98, Windows Me, Windows 2000/2003 and Window's XP, 7.0

Download and Purchase here

Product ID

US$ 19.95

Download and Purchase here

Product ID

US$ 19.95

Wise Registry Cleaner Professional

Do you need a Reliable Registry Cleaner? Then Wise Registry Cleaner is all you need! With just a few mouse clicks your computer will be as  good as brand new. Wise Registry Cleaner Free is a powerful registry cleaner and optimizer. It speeds up your PC by cleaning up junk and errors that accumulate in your Windows Registry. It’s safe and easy to use.

Wise Registry Cleaner Professional include all features and will help you improve your PC's performance by optimize your Windows Registry.They are so easy, you only need make a few clicks.Wise Registry Cleaner will make your Windows computer faster and more stable.

Wise Disk Cleaner Professional

Clean your disk with Wise Disk Cleaner and your computer will run faster. You won't have to worry about filling up your hard drive or replacing it with a newer, bigger one.

Wise Disk Cleaner is user friendly, fast and easy to use. It will free up disk space by deleting junk files that are no longer used by software programs on your system. Even the least experienced user can easily remove junk files with this tool.

Wise Disk Cleaner Professional: Includes all the features of the Free version, and provides more advanced options to help you find invalid and outdated files. It includes two useful disk tools:

Disk Scrubber: 74% of discarded PC hard drives contain private data that can be easily read and recovered--even if the drive has been reformatted. Wise Disk Cleaner will permanently wipe deleted files and secure your privacy from prying eyes.
Deleted file Recovery Tool: Effectively recover deleted files. Easy to use and fast. (This Tool is current only for NTFS drives and requires Windows 2000 or above.)

Both products are now available in English, Japanese, French, German, Dutch, Spanish etc... more than 20 national language.

Error Doctor™

Windows 95 98, Windows Me, Windows 2000 and Window's XP, Windows 7.0

Download and Purchase here

Product ID

US$ 39.95

Error Doctor™ 2009
Instantly Repair PC Errors

Error Doctor™ will fix hidden bugs and errors on your PC and increase the overall performance speed of your computer by as much as 300%. Statistics show that 93.7% of personal computers have corrupt and potentially dangerous files with 150 or more errors on them.

Error Doctor™ you can safely clean and repair Windows Registry problems with a few simple mouse clicks! Problems with the Windows Registry are a common cause of Windows crashes and error messages. By using Error Doctor™ regularly and repairing your registry your system should not only be more stable but it will also help Windows and your software run faster.

Download and have a Free Scan of your Computer

Protect 3 computers for the price of 1.

Windows 95/98/Me
Windows NT 4.0
Windows 2000
Windows XP, Vista

Click here to Purchase
Product ID
Single User

US$ 27.00


Every Microsoft Windows operating system has a registry. Your system registry holds a wealth of information about your computer, which is why we constantly hear from users that after using their PC for a short length of time, it no longer works the way it used to. This is due in part to invalid entries that exist in your system registry, that might exist because of software you are no longer using or software that was not properly removed. By removing these invalid entries, you can significantly increase the performance of your PC.

Why RegistryFix?

Many locations exist that are the cause of the most common PC troubles. We have pinpointed these locations, and our free scanner allows you to scan for invalid registry entries that might be causing your PC issues. The software will inform you of where the errors exist, and what potential errors they might cause

All orders are backed by our un-conditional 30 day money-back guarantee from the supplier.

Inkgrabber.com - Always FREE Shipping!

Windows 95/98/Me
Windows NT 4.0
Windows 2000
Windows XP, 7.0 Vista

Click here to Purchase
Product ID

US$ 37.00


RegistryMedics is the software of reference when it comes to fixing Windows Errors.

After over three years of R&D, we have developed a tool that will solve errors that come from corrupted installations, incomplete registry entries, internet browsing, sudden shutdowns among many others.

Free PC Matic Scan

This Program is for all Windows Versions: Windows 95 98, Windows Me, Windows 2000/2003 and Window's XP, 7.0

Download and Purchase here

Product ID

US$ 19.95

Win System Clean

Win System Clean (WSC) is an easy-to-use junk clean and registry repair tool. It makes your computer system clean and running faster, you can also get more free disk space by using WSC.
WSC classifies the clean/repair functions as 'Privacy', 'System', 'Registry' and 'Advanced' four main categories, it also includes the 'One-click Clean/Repair' feature, so as to locate functions and clean/repair system quickly.

The main clean/repair functions of WSC are shown in the Key Features below.

WSC includes some practical settings to improve your experience. These options are classified as 'One-click Clean/Repair', 'Junk Files', 'Duplicate Files', 'Cleaning Method' and 'Other Options' categories.

Some Key Features

Cleaning temporary Internet files, cookies, Internet Surfing history, auto-fill history, Index.dat (includes stubborn history) and the most Windows Explorer history in 'Privacy' category. Cleaning temporary files, Windows log files, Windows system logs, invalid shortcuts in user folders,
Uninstall files for Windows Update, Windows Update source files and old prefetch data in 'System' category. Repairing missing shared DLLs, ActiveX and class, type libraries, application shells, fonts, application paths, help files, redundant installers, obsolete Software and uninstaller issues in 'Registry' category.
Cleaning invalid shortcuts, duplicate files, empty folders and files, the files that last accessed some days before, redundant DLLs and junk files in 'Advanced' category.

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