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Salus - A Powerful Security, Access Control and Information Recovery Application for Windows
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is a security application which allows the owner or user of a desktop or laptop computer to see which files are accessed, when, for how long, which Internet sites are being connected to, who sends e-mail to where, and so on.
In fact, the program keeps a detailed log of all the activities perfomed on the computer. It is a security application which allows the owner or user of a desktop or laptop computer to see which files are accessed, when, for how long, which Internet sites are being connected to, who sends e-mail to where, and so on. In fact, the program keeps a detailed log of all the activities perfomed on the computer. The program can be made invisible to the user of the computer, giving access only to authorized persons. It is therefore an ideal security program for companies or within the family, where one might want to have a record of your computer activity or, alternatively, watch over the activites of a child's or employee's computer use.

Some selected Examples for the Use of are :

  • To find out what the user, employee or your children are doing in your computer.
  • To detect abuses, non authorized accesses, Internet pages visited, etc.
  • To discover what programs are being used when and for how long.
  • To recover lost or forgotten passwords.
  • To recover information that was written or copied to the clipboard.
  • To recover information when a program or the whole system hangs up.
  • To recover the address of an internet page from a key word, such as a date it was visited, etc
  • To control employees activities such as employees engaged in telework, sales or technical support functions.
  • If the user is himself a person authorized to access the program, then it can serve as record of what he/she did on a particular day or time (e.g. consultants or employees whose time is being billed to third parties.

The program is totally hidden from the user and does not require Internet access. Since it does not accept remote instructions, it is safe from hackers and other unauthorized access.Only the person installing the program, can decide who has access to its information. That is why you will not see any reference to the program in the start-up menu of Windows.

The program has been tested on a multitude of systems, running a vast array of application programs and games to verify its compatibility. It offers complete stability and does not interfere with any other program running on the system. Although, it controls and records access to programs, it does not modify these programs in any way.

Minimum Requirements

Minimum system requirements:

  • 486-66 or Pentium I with 32Mb or Memory and 2Mb free hard disk space

  • CD-ROM

  • Windows 95, 98, NT 4.0 (SP3, SP4, SP5, SP6), 2000 and ME, XP

is Multi Lingual and offers a choice of languages





Despite its technical sophistication, the installation and set up of is very easy and requires only minimal computer literacy. There are only two control windows, the viewer and the setup window. which offer the authorized operator all the options. One can select the language and set the number of days one wishes the program to keep information (for up to 999 days, if you want!).

A password is activated and short cut keys from the keyboard may also be selected. In addition, there is a clip board capture option.

To install the program place the CD in the CD-Rom and the installation will normally automatically start or download the file into a temporary folder and then proceed to install from there. You should note: Because it is intended to keep the program away from the eyes of the unauthorized user, the Salus program will not be appearing as an option on your Windows Start up Program, nor amongst the install/uninstall option when you go to the Settings and Control Panel.

This module allows the authorized operator to see the activity performed on the computer day by day, chronologically, incorporating a series of special facilities when clicking on specific information: The use of various filters organizes the activity log into an easy readable record of the work performed on the computer. By putting the captured information into the clipboard you can make a print out and keep a record on a day by day basis

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