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ezetest.com will give you some help in the choice of software and general utilities, accounting, security programs, hardware, phone, audio games and other purchases for business and home use.

It is not easy for the small and medium sized business, without employing a specialist to select the right software that helps, rather than hinders, the business effort. The software programs below provide you with facilities, that should help you in your endeavor.

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A solid accounting system is a basic requirement for any business whether small or large. We have one here that is easy to handle and can be used by the smallest of companies. Having a crash with your system is something most people would like to forget. But it happens and we have several programs that can help you recover from it, or manage your system better and make it faster through better cache (memory) management.

File access control is an important issue, when more than one person share a computer in a company or in the family (Iambigbrother is more for family use). With more people sharing jobs, it is important to know who did what on the computer. Together with a file locking system, your system will be equiped to deal with the problems of shared access. Track erasers maintains the privacy about where on the internet you "snoop" around. A firewall and anti virus systems as well as spy and adware removers have become an absolute necessity for every internet visitors.

Here you will find Window and Pop-Up Washers - SpySweepers - Programs that stop people from spying on your computer Habits - Multi systems and Work Station Security with File Access Permission Allocation -

Network performance monitoring is an essential part of running a system smoothly. With inexpensive, but well designed software systems, one can overcome some of the need for expensive outside computer consultants. - If you are sending promotional or information e-mails, you need a good e-mail verification and delivery system.

A recurring problems in a company is that incoming e-mails are delivered to the right people, the SynchPST will do that for you.

If you save some money, yet, keep your system at top performance, you might consider software management systems for your memory and cache, or your CPU and the hard drive. Managing large numbers of e-mails requires an auto responder. Auseful tool that lets you respond with differentiated messages to your clients or friends!

The Spyware and Adware business is thriving. Thus the software industries answers in form of removers and blockers also produces more and more of these products. Here are some more for your selection!

Some early, but rather advanced audio applications. Though, they only work on Windows 95/98.

If you want some special audio application, youyou will find the right software to use with your system here. There is a choice for Jukeboxes and other facilities that enable you to access and manage MP3 files. You will find normalizers that help you record and standardize sound and volume levels. In addition, there are now iPod related products that enable you to transfer your videos to the iPod.

Audio applications come in a variety of forms. Besides rippers, encoders and various MP3 utilities you can also find Karaoke systems and jukeboxes to improve your sound pelasure!

Auto Europe vous offre des promotions sur les autos, les vols, et les hôtels.

Rippers and Converters enable you to transfer one format to another. If you own several of these different mobile devices, you will ideally like to be able to change a data set or a film or audio file from one to another, so that you do not have to buy it several times.

You might also want to make a copy of your often used favorite DVD so that you extend the life of the original.

Strategic games are the most fascinating. Whether it is in military games, the enactment of past battles, or, alternatively, through sports games such as snooker, billiard or pool. Business games are also a good subject for that.

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Chat lines, like Facebook, twitter, myspace and other "social community" oriented internet sites have become more and more popular. Nowhere more so than in North America. Whether they replace physical social contact, or whether they enhance it, because they offer almost anonymous participation, is a question that has still to be determined.

Below are some programs that could expand your chat, or web chat, experience!

If you think registry management and cleaning software is only for the professionals, think again. Every time you access the computer or the Internet, there is the possibility that your computer registry could be corrupted. That in itself, is not so serious, because the registry has a capacity to deal with that. But, it will slow down your computer and what used to be a pleasant experience, becomes tedious, slow and annoying! Have a look at some of the products that could help you overcome that!

Computer Security, whether for a home or a business system, is a really big issue and its importance is bound to increase as people access more and more social networks and interchange files and information. Not all computer users are out there to enjoy human contact and widen their horizon. Some of the users deliberately "phish around" the internet to gain access to sensitive data. Whether it is your bank account, or your credit card account or your identity, computer systems leave you rather exposed. Unless, obviously, you have anticipated that and installed appropriate protection on your system! Below are some suggestions!

Salus is a sophisticated File Access Monitoring Controller that can be used in a home or business environment. It features amongst other things, password recovery, clip board recovery and records anything you do on your system. It is available in English, German, French and Spanish.

Ringtone maker software for iPhones is popular amongst a wide range of people. How else would you recognize your own iPhone, if not through a distinctive ringtone?

Transfering data from your iPhone to the computer and vice versa has resulted in programs that will enable you to transfer Video and DVD's as well as photos to your iPhone or your computer!

The number of formats for data, music and video programs is constantly expanding. If you own and work with mobile devices such as BlackBerry's, iPhone's or IPad's, you want to make sure that you can transfer data, as well as audio and video between these devices and your home computer or laptop!


Games have become so numerous, that it is difficult to know what is good and what is not. True, there are many review sites. But, "what tickles one persons fancy", is not necessarily, what makes someone else excited! Here are a variety of games that might cause some excitement! Play them and enjoy it!

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There are many free software sites on the Internet. By that we mean a site, where you can download shareware, or, complete unlimited software packages for free. Some of the most famous of these sites are the ones who also test and evaluate software. Though, often, on these sites you can only get time limited of otherwise restricted software for free. If you want the full package or the limitations removed, you will have to go to the software sellers site and purchase their product.

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